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Extreme has a team of professional instructors with extensive international experience. They have got all required Russian and international certificates. Our aim is to GIVE THE SKY TO EVERYONE who wants to try it in the safest and beautiful way.
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Have questions about skydiving? Chances are, someone else has already asked them before! You can find the answers to some most frequently asked questions below.
If you haven’t found some your questions here, please contact us, and we’ll be glad to answer them.
First Time Skydiving
Tandem skydiving is a perfect option for the first jump. With Extreme, you can learn the basics of skydiving and get ready to skydive for the first time in less than an hour. No experience required!

So what are you waiting for? Jump into the adventure of your lifetime with the highly experienced tandem instructors at Extreme — the #1 center in Saint Petersburg!

Tandem skydiving is the most popular way to start skydiving.
You will be attached to a tandem instructor who will manage all the equipment during the skydive.

Although your instructor will operate the equipment, you will still have some responsibility. Prior to the jump, you will attend a training where you’ll learn the proper body position for exiting the airplane and freefall. You will also learn the basics of landing.

Tandem skydives are perfect for the first jump. However, it is popular to do multiple tandem skydives. Tandem skydiving is also great for those who want to skydive without learning to do it solo.

· 20-minute training learning the basics of freefall and canopy
· One skydive with a professional instructor
· Approximately 40 seconds of freefall from a height of 3000 meters
· A relaxing 4−5 minute canopy
· A first jump certificate

Extreme is a #1 destination for skydivers in Saint Petersburg. By choosing us you choose:
· World class skydiving instructors
· Active and friendly stuff
· Great dropzone amenities
· Jump from a comfortable and efficient turbine aircraft
Gift Certificates
1) What gift certificate amounts are available?
You can buy a tandem skydive gift certificate for 12 500 rubles. A certificate with a video of a skydive costs 15 500 rubles. You can also purchase a certificate for any amount you wish.

2) Can I purchase several gift certificates at once?
Yes. You can buy any number of certificates. A discount of 500 rubles per item when buying 3 to 9 certificates; with the purchase of 10 and more certificates, the discount is 800 rubles per item.

3) How long is the validity of the certificate?
The certificate is valid for one year from the moment of a purchase.

4) Is it possible for a certificate holder to postpone the scheduled jump?
Of course. Contact our manager to reschedule the skydive.

5) Can I make a return of the certificate?
No. A gift certificate cannot be returned or exchanged.
Can I bring my friends to watch?
Sure! Friends and family are welcome to the seating/viewing area where they can enjoy watching you skydiving.

How long is the training?
It takes about 10−15 minutes for the instructor to train you before your first tandem skydiving. Prior to the jump, he/she will repeat the training again.

I’m coming with my friends; can we jump together from the same airplane?
Yes. Smaller groups of 2−3 are usually no problem. With an advance notice, we can organize a jump for larger groups. At this case, you’ll jump together, but you can be asked to split into smaller groups.

Are there any physical requirements?
As with any sports, the better shape you’re in the easier it will be and the more fun you’ll have. However, we have helped people with different physical disabilities to skydive. If you have any health requirements, call us. We can make your wish to skydive come true!
If you have any medical concerns, please contact your doctor.

How much time will I spend on a dropzone?
For the weekend reservation allow yourself to spend the entire day. The training lasts about 10−15 minutes. After this, the time of waiting for the jump depends on several variables such as weather, if we are busy that day, and when you signed in. Ideally a tandem jump takes about half a day but be prepared to spend the entire day on a dropzone.

Are there any weight limitations?
Yes. Exceptions can be made but jumps should be limited to 120 kg. The extra price for skydivers whose weight exceeds 90 kg is 70 rubles for each additional kilogram.

Are there any age limitations?
The jumps are allowed for skydivers from 8 years old with a presence of parents or guardians or with a notarized permission from them. You must provide your ID document, otherwise you will not jump.

What type of payment do you accept?
Visa, Mastercard, MIR and cash. You can also use your gift certificate.

What happens if the parachute doesn’t open?
Although it is highly unlikely that your main parachute won’t open, it does sometimes occur and this is one of the most popular questions. You will be equipped with a reserve parachute as well. In addition, your equipment will include an Automated Activation Device (AAD), which will automatically open the reserve parachute if the instructor will be unable to do it.

Which type of parachute is used?
The type of parachute we use today has a little in common with round parachutes from the past. They are rectangular in shape and their principle of operation is similar to that of an airplane wing. They are more like gliders than umbrellas. The aerodynamics of the parachute provides it with higher maneuverability, allowing the skydiver to land almost anywhere he/she wishes. The wing shape also allows to land softly.

What is the landing like?
Mostly it is quite soft, as the skydivers do the soft sliding sit-down landing. Under certain conditions at the discretion of the instructor, some people make a stand-up landing.

How fast will I fall?
The average person falls approximately 40 m per second.

How long will it take to skydive?
Up to 40 seconds in freefall and then about 5 minutes in canopy.

How does it feel to skydive?
Is it possible to describe it?
It is beyond the rational.

Fear, anxiety, thrill are normal for all people – those who pretend not to be afraid, as well as those who face it openly. However, if you pluck up the courage, trust your instructor, and stop thinking for a second – you’ll feel something that is beyond the control of physics!
Adrenaline? Euphoria? Weightlessness? Of course, no!

Freedom. Purity. Confidence. It is unique for everybody.

I repeat: it is beyond the rational.

Is it save?
Skydiving is a kind of extreme sport. It brings some risks which requires careful training and execution from a skydiver. Failure to concentrate on a training can lead to serious injures and death. Skydiving is as safe as a skydiver makes it. The equipment was sufficiently developed since the times of round parachutes, so, when used properly, skydiving can be one of the safest extreme sports.
1) Dear friends, we are doing everything that is possible to make your skydive unforgettable and exciting. We use modern action cameras with additional stabilization and enhanced color reproduction for this purpose.

Our goal is to provide a client with media files that can be proudly shared in social media.
Many aircrafts download all drafts on the client’s flash drive or phone. However, it takes time and energy for an instructor to wait for the loading. Besides, drafts require editing, so the client needs to have time and relevant skills. Usually, these files are not in demand.

What we are doing to our clients:
· A finished edited video that show your moment of glory. It is edited with music without copyright, so you won’t have any troubles;
· Edited photos of your jump.
How we transfer the media files:
When registering, client indicates the phone number and email. He/she also chooses one of the options: to get a link to a cloud that contains all media files, or to get the files on email/phone.
Video processing takes up to 7 days, but we try to finish it as soon as possible.

Can we get one video for the whole group?
Unfortunately, no. Due to the time/distance difference between jumpers the operator cannot film more than one person at a time.

Can I get photos or a video of my jump?
Yes. We can provide you with the videos that have been edited to music and include a pre-jump interview. We can also provide the high-quality photos of your jump.

Can I bring my camera?
No, it is against current laws. You also won’t have time to look after your camera. Besides, we cannot risk dropping it while skydiving itself.

If you haven’t got your video on time, please check in the spam folder. It is a common problem, especially if you use gmail address. If you still can’t find the video, please contact us and tell the time of your jump. We’ll figure it out. Videos are stored for a calendar year.
A loan from our partner bank Tinkoff is available to buy certificates


Number of people

Jump Certificate

Gift Certificate

Tandem skydive
Tandem skydive with video
Small group skidiving
12 000 RUB per person
Large group skidiving
11700 RUB per person
Note: the extra price for skydivers whose weight exceeds 90 kg is 70 rubles for each additional kilogram.
Gift Certificates
Looking for a present that give your friend or colleague an explosion of emotions? Take a look at our tandem jump certificates!
How it was
There are not so many things that are brighter than the emotions of a skydiver in a freefall. Look at those who dared to jumped and see for yourself!
Our team
In Extreme, we brought together the experienced and highly qualified team, so you could get the most from every minute you spend on the dropzone.
Pavel Medvedev
Oleg Osipov
Roman Rakov
Edward Smirnov
Roman Matisov
Pavel Medvedev
Number of skydives: 3500+
Number of tandem skydives: 2800+
His unofficial record in Russia: the largest number of tandem skydives made in one day (Pushchino, 2016, 161 jumps).
His unofficial international record: the largest number of tandem skydives made in one day (Mexico, 2017, 484 jumps).
Pavel is the first instructor in the history of India who skydived in tandem with a person with physical disabilities.
Previously worked in: Vologda flying club, Skycenter Pushchino (Moscow), Sivoritsy (Saint Petersburg); DZ Skyriders (India); DZ Monterey Bay (California, USA); DZ Skydive4fun Namibia (Africa); DZ Skydive Mexico, DZ Albatros, DZ Queretaro (Mexico).
Languages: English, Spanish.
Oleg Osipov
Instrustor, videographer
Number of skydives: 2500+
Number of tandem skydives: 1700+
He is a multiple champion of Russia in the category of big formations.
Previously worked in: Vologda flying club, Skydive Beijing (China).
Courses: American trainings.
Languages: English.
Roman Rakov
Number of skydives: 1800+
Number of tandem skydives: 800+
He has the 1st sports category.
An Amur flying club instructor.
A tandem master of USPA.
Guinness Book of Records holder.
Rakov’s ski school founder.
Alpine skiing team of the Amur region coach.
Edward Smirnov
Number of skydives: 1700+
Number of tandem skydives: 900+
Previously worked in: Vologda flying club, DZ Sivoritsy (Saint Petersburg).
Roman Matisov
Instructor, videographer
Number of skydives: 4500+
Number of tandem skydives: 1800+
Previously worked in: DZ Sivoritsy, Kasimovo, Sosnoviy Bor (Saint Petersburg).
Just a good man.
2007: became a silver medalist of cup Russia in group acrobatics 10-way speed (Stupino).
2008: got 6th place in the Russian championship in 2-way speed discipline.
2008: got 4th place in the Russian championship in 10-way speed discipline.
2008: became a Russian record holder in category of big formations 135-way discipline (Kolomna).
2008: became a Candidate to Master Sport.
2009: became a Russian record holder in category of big formations 145-way discipline (Kolomna).
2009: became a silver medalist of international championship of 10-way speed discipline for the cup of the hero of the Soviet Union awarded twice Ammet Khan Sultan (Makhachkala)
Roman is an instructor of parachute training.
He is a tandem skydiving instructor since 2006.
Here you can read what our clients say:
Are you ready to skydive? Do you have any questions or concerns? Please complete the form below and we will contact you back.

Gorskaya Airfield
15 Aviatsionnaya Street
Lisy Nos Settlement
How to get to the airfield? (DIRECTIONS)
How to get to the airfield from St. Petersburg?

By car
Take Primorskoe highway, pass by the viaduct in Lisy Nos and turn right at the railway crossing. Turn left at the fork. Drive to the gate, park the car and go about 100 meters on the airfield’s territory on foot.

By public transport
You can use any Sestroretsk, Zelenograd or Kronstadt minibus to get to the Lisy Nos bus stop:
· From Staraya Derevnya metro station: K305, 101
· From Chyornaya Rechka metro station: K425, K417, K405, 211
· From Ploshchad Lenina metro station (Finnish railway station): K400
You should ask the driver to stop at the railway crossing in Lisy Nos.

By Beloostrov through Sestroretsk train
Finnish railway station — Lisy Nos station
Staraya Derevnya station — Lisy Nos station
Go straight about 15−20 minutes on foot from the railway crossing to the field.
60°1′53.6″N (60.31 555)
30°0′54.69″E (30.15 192)

Note: in case of hosting international forums or under other circumstances we may be forced to change the airfield for your skydive. Please check you destination with the manager.

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